Tips to try to maintain health while working from home

Working from home has advantages, it also comes with an array of challenges. These include: feelings of isolation trouble staying motivated having to manage disruptions finding a work-life balance avoiding burnout difficulty maintaining healthy eating habits difficulty getting the recommended level of physical activity During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of those who are able to […]

9 Under-the-Radar Fairytale and Folktale Retellings

Most of these are short story collections—which typically have fewer readers than novels. fairytales and folktales originated as shorter tales, it makes complete sense to honor that format by retelling them as short stories. I’ve also included some nonfiction and poetry collections. Enjoy, 9 Under-the-Radar Fairytale and Folktale Retellings Blackberry Blue: And Other Fairy Tales […]

AAP, AACAP, CHA declare national emergency in children’s mental health

The AAP, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), and Children’s Hospital Association have declared a national emergency in children’s mental health, citing the serious toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on top of existing challenges. They are urging policymakers to take action swiftly to address the crisis. “Young people have endured so much throughout […]

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