Psychology Branches-the major branches that discuses property

Psychology Branches

The behavior of humans is a mystery that can be described by psychology. Psychology branches cover a huge area and have intersections with other subject topics.

Human behavior varies in different situations, ages, individuals. It grabs a large number of topics growing day by day. To cover the huge field we need to separate it into different sectors. It also helps to work on practically if the branches are species in their own area. Here we tried to disuse major Psychology branches.

Pure Psychology Branches:

Psychology is a mixed result of research and application. From research, we gather knowledge and apply those in different cases practically. To identify those sections, we need to know the basics of those branches. Those branches are:

General Psychology:

General psychology describes normal human behavior, feelings, emotions, intelligence, learning. It covers normal human behavior in different situations. It describes the movement and intention of our daily works and how the ideas are generated.

Suppose, in our daily life what we do, and the key factors that influence us are the general psychology topics.

Abnormal psychology:

This area describes abnormal behaviors like Mental illness, depression, anxiety, etc. Criminal psychology is also added to abnormal psychology. Cause of those issues and solutions covers in this section.

Animal or Comparative psychology:

Psychology also discovers animal behaviors. Animals and human needs are the same at some points, like food, sleep, etc. Sometimes, humans behave like animals. Research shows that human and animal behavior also matches the genetic way. It isn’t easy to run experiments on humans. So, animals are useful for research purposes.

Suppose how humans behave alone needs to research. We can not use humans in this experiment. So, if we want to run the experiment and observe, the animal is the best option.

Physiological Psychology:

The human body reacts differently to different situations. Our body needs like hunger, rest, sex, etc. The relation of those needs with our brain is the subject of Physiological psychology.

The activation rate of our organs and behavior in different situations are also discussed here. Suppose when we feel hungry, the brain searches for food. And our mouth and stomach get to activate.

Child Psychology:

A child’s growths and behavior during the growth period are the main topics here. In the growth time child’s go through different emotions, fillings. Child’s behavior also varies with their learnings, environment, and reaction from others.

It is also important for the development of a child. To make a child into a good human is essential to understand child psychology.


Biopsychology is the section where brains, neuron systems, and human behavior are interrelated. Men behave differently in different bio-condition. It also part of human psychology.

Suppose, in pain, we can not think about holiday trips. But in healthy condition, we will take trips with joy. The effect of bio condition on our psychology is the main motto here.

Clinical Psychology:

Clinical psychology is the section where mental illness and disorders are treats by psychologists or doctors. This branch includes mental illness, depression also.

Suppose, if anyone faces any psychological problem. So, he consults with any psychologist or doctor. Psychologists or doctors will treat him according to clinical psychology.

Social Psychology:

Men can’t live without society. Men behave differently with different companies. In this section, we study the influence of society on men’s behavior and habits. It also discusses people’s respond and behaves in society in a variable situation.

Feeling uncomfortable with people or gatherings is a social problem. Social psychology will find the reason behind it and solve it.

Developmental Psychology:

People behave differently at different ages. Their habits and lifestyle changes with their ages. Generally, it discusses why people change attitudes, habits, behaviors in their development period.

In development time a child goes through different emotions. Sometimes It becomes very serious and affects people very deeply. That’s why development psychology is very important for us.

Experimental Psychology:

Experimental psychology is the section theories are applied practically. Here we do observe and experiment with behaviors. In this sector, we discuss the problems and apply different ways or tricks for solving them. Mainly this section is for research purposes.

Those areas the main Psychology branches, in my view. Psychology is a subject that keeps growing, and its discussion area gets larger. It is very tough to describe all sections.

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