Kuchisake onna, the Japanese ghost women

Kuchisake onna

Kuchisake onna, who is she? Am I looking pretty? That can be misery to those people who don’t know the story of kuchisake-onna’s story.

Origin of the story:

It was the year 1910 or near about that time period. A young boy walking at midnight in a small town street. Suddenly he realizes a young and bold woman Kuchisake onna walking toward him from the opposite direction. The woman stopped in front of him and asked him.

Women: Am I looking pretty?
The woman was so beautiful. The boy felt a strong attraction towers the eyes of women.
Boy: you are looking gorgeous.
The woman was wearing a mask that covers her half face. She became happy and removed her musk and asked.
Women: Am I looking pretty?
After saw her full face the boy got scared. Because the face of the women cut from ear to ear. The boy answered,
Boy: No.

The woman goes angry, and she attacked the boy with her weapon. She gives him a cut ear to ear, just like her. They fell on the road and died cause of excessive blood loss.
That type of dead body is found in the streets. The police of the city becomes very active and investing the cause very seriously. Through the investigation, they found the main base of those incidents.

The main story:

Around 800 years ago, a beautiful woman lived in a village called the village. Her name was kuchisake-onna. Everyone believed that she was the prettiest woman in the village. She was very proud of her beauty. She keeps asking the same question every day to villagers “how I am looking?’’. The villagers answered the same “you are looking pretty’’.

She got married to a warrior. After some time, the warrior needs to go to war, he came back home and found her with a Stanger in his bed. The Stanger gets away from the room and starts running. Warrior chased the stranger and caught him. And he asked the stranger.
Warrior: why you chose my wife to do all those things?
Stranger: your wife is the prettiest woman in the village. That’s why I got attracted by your wife and made a mistake.

After that, he killed the stranger and got angrier. He came back home and cut his wife’s ear to ear. Then, take his wife in front of the mirror and asked her,‘’ do you looking pretty’’? His wife died at the spot for excise blood loss.

Nothing to do:

If you faced her and said no to her, she will kill her immediately. If you say yes, she will give you a cut ear to ear. Nothing to do if you face her.


Kuchisake onna is a folk-tale of japan. It was heard that her story create terror for japans, people at that time. You will find movies based on her story.

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